The new life of accessories - what is gilding?

Jewelry made of precious metals loses its luster over time. Exposure to air or water, the action of chemical compounds, and constant contact with the skin - all these damage rings, bracelets, and earrings. And the most reliable way to overcome such a problem is the gilding of jewelry. All subtleties and nuances of this process are described in our article.  And in order to view the entire range of gold-plated jewelry and more, visit our website or write to our managers for more information.

How does the transformation take place?

Gilding is a special type of treatment when a thin layer of precious metal is applied to the surface of the object. Such a coating looks attractive on any material - from plastic and wood to glass and ceramics. And due to the fact that it is possible to decorate a wide variety of objects in this way, the spectrum of application of this technology is very wide - it is used for the creation of accessories, and in the production of automobile parts, and for the production of paintings, books, and even church domes!

There are different ways of applying gilding. Now the most common is the fast, easy and safe galvanic method. For it, it is necessary to prepare a special electrolyte solution, which contains gold molecules. Next, the cleaned products are hung on stands and immersed in a vessel filled with the substance, through which a current is passed. Under the influence of charged particles, the precious metal settles in a thin layer on the surface of the accessories. It remains only to take them out, examine them and, if necessary, repeat the process until the coating becomes dense enough.

Not only the appearance but also the durability of the decoration depends on the care with which gilding is carried out. Yes, cheap jewelry is wiped after a few days after purchase. But accessories in which silver is combined with gilding are much more durable - jewelry made using this technology can be worn for years. By the way, the prices for such a procedure are quite affordable - on average, the treatment costs from UAH 15. for 1 gram.

How to care for a gold-plated product?

Regardless of whether you chose a new thing or applied precious metal to an old one, it needs special attention. Here are some secrets that will help prevent tarnishing of silver with gold plating:

  • if you want to buy jewelry made using this technology, make sure that they lie in a separate box, without contact with other accessories, sharp objects, moisture and dirt. It will not be superfluous to place the thing in a bag made of soft fabric;
  • use flannel, microfiber, wool or fleece for care. To get rid of darkening and stains, soak a cotton swab in vinegar and gently touch it to the surface of the product, and after five minutes, rinse it with clean, warm water. Egg white will refresh the coating - it should be applied to a small rag and thoroughly rubbed into the metal surface. Then immerse the necklace, ring or earrings in running water, cleaning them of all impurities, and dry them well before putting them on;
  • avoid cleaning products with abrasives. Also, in no case should you rub the jewelry with hard sponges - this will scratch the thin layer of gilding;
  • be sure to remove gold-plated accessories before bathing, playing sports, cleaning, and washing dishes. Aggressive substances contained in household chemicals, perfumes, and cosmetics have a very negative effect on such accessories.

How to distinguish a fake?

Unfortunately, gilding technology is often used by fraudsters, passing off products covered with precious metal as real jewelry. Therefore, you should not be happy when you see jewelry with a suspiciously low price - on the contrary, you should carefully examine it, checking for authenticity.

When making a purchase, you should pay attention to:

  • clasp It happens that sellers send an expensive accessory for inspection, then remove the lock with a quality mark from it and attach it to cheap products. Therefore, make sure that there are no scratches or loose links at the connection point;
  • material. A quick way to identify a fake is to run your fingernail lightly over it. It will not harm the solid metal, but defects will appear on the gilding. You can also touch the decoration with cotton wool soaked in alcohol - a dark mark will remain on the coating.

Use these tips - and when you visit a jewelry store, you are guaranteed to purchase a high-quality, beautiful and original accessory!